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Transhipment is an essential step which consists of moving goods from the place of reception to the desired destination. In this regard, SOLURAIL is the specialist in transhipment and transfer for the North-West of Quebec. We operate one of the only railway terminals in the region and have the appropriate equipment to carry out large-scale operations in complete safety.  In addition, we provide integrated intermodal services to transport large volumes from your facilities to the desired destination through our road and rail partners. 

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-Dust suppressor

Whether it is to maintain your roads, your site or your parking lot, SOLUDUST has the resources you need. We offer dust control and de-icer application services for municipalities, industrial and private sites. We have the expertise to spread in mining sites and the ability to meet the needs of our customers quickly at competitive prices. In addition, it is important to note that we offer environmental services such as dust suppressants for tailings facilities. Trust our dynamic and professional team! 

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-Hydraulic seeding
-Site rehabilitation

Do you have specific needs regarding the revegetation of your industrial or mining site? The SOLUSEED team is at your disposal. This division aims to fill environmental projects in different industries. Our methodical approach characterized by an analysis of the soil and a recommendation specific to your needs will allow the achievement of your objectives. To do this, we have specialized equipment allowing the accomplishment of large-scale projects in the most difficult to access areas. Do you need hydraulic seeding? Contact us!



We firmly believe that the adherence of our team members to our fundamental values is necessary for the achievement of our objectives in order to bring us closer to our vision .  



Health and security : Maintaining the physical and psychological integrity of our employees is our priority value. In all of our shipping and receiving operations, we make sure that the strictest safety standards are met.

Environment: Reducing our environmental impact greatly influences our operations since we want to be an actor of change. To do this, we rely on eco-responsible logistics, particularly through the services and products we offer.

Respect: At Solurail, respect is a value that we particularly defend. Whether with our customers, employees or business partners, we treat them with courtesy. We care about the meaning of interpersonal relationships at work.  


Quality: For each step of our operations, we put forward a job well done. We pay attention to detail and are determined to provide service that will satisfy you.


Innovation:  The constant search for improvement coupled with the continuous improvement of its technology and machinery have enabled Solurail to position itself as a major player in its industry in northwestern Quebec, but also in North America.   

Nos partenaires

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Contact us

If you have any questions, call us at: 819-824-6063, ext. 436 or send us a message below.

Thank you !


25 rue Roland-Massé
Val-d'Or QC J9P 0E3

Tel: 819-824-6063 Ext. 436


To apply, send your resume to the following email address:

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