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Solurail Logistique inc. is a team of enthusiasts workers who put health and safety first, seeking the most efficient solutions for customers. It is also a multidisciplinary team that has accumulated experience in several industries.

Our team has the expertise to tranship chemicals for mining companies and we maintain high safety standards. We have transported large volumes of ore in the past and we are able to coordinate the various stages of logistics in order to get the products to their destination. We operate one of the only terminals in northwestern Quebec, which allows us to be a strategic partner for exporting / importing companies.



Our mission is to facilitate the transport of products for our customers by adopting the most efficient and reliable means, while respecting the best possible deadlines. We manage the logistics behind each operation and offer customer-specific solutions to meet their needs.


We are seeking to become the main source of transshipment and transfer in the North West region of Quebec, but also to expand our activities internationally.

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