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Dust Suppressants / De-icers

We offer dust control and de-icer application services for municipalities and private sites. We have the expertise to spread in mining sites and the ability to meet the needs of our customers quickly at competitive prices.

Dust Suppressor

Utility: Dust suppressants are liquid or solid products that are applied on unpaved roads and other similar surfaces to prevent dust uplift caused by traffic or wind.

Liquid Calcium Chloride (LIQUIDOW)

In summer, the Liquidow absorbs ambient dust and keeps it on the ground. It is for this reason that this product is mainly used on unpaved surfaces and on gravel paths and driveways.  


  • Systematic dust reduction;

  • Stabilization of unpaved roads;

  • Stronger and safer roads;

  • Immediate use of the road after application;

  • Reduction in the need for road maintenance work;

  • Reduces leveling costs;

De-icing products

Utility: De-icing products facilitate the melting of snow and ice. These products are in the form of a liquid solution, in a flake, in a ball as well as in treated salt. The variety of products is adapted depending on the weather conditions as well as the user's environment.

Liquid Calcium Chloride (LIQUIDOW)

In winter, Liquidow has several uses, including for pre-humidifying salt and abrasives and for impact attenuators. This product can also be useful in the cold season as a non-stick solution or as a liquid de-icer depending on the context.


  • Increased salt efficiency

  • Decrease in frequency of applications

  • Protects abrasives from freezing

  • Cost reductions

  • Reductions environmental impacts


Treated salt   with Calcium Chloride (LIQUIDOW)


  • Significant increase the performance of salt;

  • Effective at low temperatures (down to -20);

  • Melting quickly;

  • Grip to the ground;

  • Malleable;

  • Reduction in the amount of salt required;

  • Reduction of corrosive damage to equipment / installations

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