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Hydro seeding

We offer a turnkey hydraulic seeding service for public and private sites. Our methodology is the same on each site, but the recipe is unique to your site. Indeed, each soil has its own characteristics and requires an analysis to identify the deficiencies in order to select the appropriate organic matter and seeds to achieve a satisfactory result. 

Hydraulic seeding is popular for small and large projects for its savings compared to peat, but also for its flexibility which allows to adapt the applicable recipe to the needs of the soil.  

This process consists of mixing the seeds with the chosen fertilizer, a binding product, mulch and water in precise proportions inside a tank. The mixture is then applied to the surface to be sown with specialized equipment.


Hydraulic seeding

How it works

The key to effectiveness is the mulch which acts as the growth medium for the seed. When the right mulch is applied at the proper rates, the mulch provides moisture retention for faster germination, insulation from extreme temperatures to prevent seed dormancy, and protection against erosion. Unlike hay or straw which is frequently specified during seeding work, the mulch that ends up in the hydraulic seeder does not contain any  weeds. 

A versatile method

  • Erosion control

  • Stabilizes hillsides (slopes)

  • Restores vegetation

  • Repairs land after fires

  • Support roadside restoration

  • Fix grass in city parks

An economical and ecological solution

The seeded surface begins to germinate within 4-7 days of application. These seeds continue to germinate for up to 21-28 days. On the peat side, it's 18 to 24 months before you have a lawn ready to install. It is a preparation that includes 18 full months of fertilizer, watering and lawn mowing. In short, a lot of waste of natural resources and pollution. 

​         Advantages

  • Economic :

    • cheaper than peat

    • labor saving

  • Best quality price report

  • Seeding of hard-to-reach areas

  • Prevents soil erosion

  • Slope stabilization

  • Time / profitability:

    • Seed growth is faster due to the nutrients in the mixture 

The Soluseed method

Sans titre.png

Pre-inspection of the site / land

The first step is to sample the soil to determine its characteristics. 

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Analysis and recommendation

Once the sampling is completed, it is analyzed by a team  specialist who can make recommendations in line with the specific needs of the client. It is at this stage that we can make a personalized recipe.


Uniform application

Our equipment allows a uniform application of hydroseeding for optimals results  

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